Online Marketing Guide for Beginners

Online marketing which is also known as internet marketing refers to the tools and strategies used by companies to market their products and services to their potential customers. Companies use internet marketing to build their brands. Marketing streams include social media marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization, and display marketing. Different companies opt for specific marketing strategies depending on their niche. Online advertising is the backbone of any business in the current world. Here is how you can use online marketing to improve your business today.

Build a Marketing Strategy

The first step is to build strategies that you will use to market your business. You can use all means, but you need to find the most effective strategy for your company. For example, when you promote a photography company it is effective to use sample photographs than use literature. Follow these steps to create an effective marketing strategy.

1. Analyze your Current Situation

Before you embark on marketing, learn your business. Know what areas need attention first. Create a priority list for your business needs. You need to establish critical areas that will have the greatest impact on your company. Rank your priorities using frequently asked questions by your customers. Gather all the complaints you received. Add all compliments together and form a list of weak and strong areas. Consider how many times each of the areas you have listed appeared in a complaint and compliment.

2. Find your Target Audience

The next step is to choose the specific customers you want to address. You can never appeal to everyone. You have to choose the customers you will sacrifice. For example, if you are writing a professional journal for pilots, basic knowledge pilots will not understand. The more specific you become with choosing your audience, the higher your chances of getting more sales from your visitors.

3. Write your Marketing Goals

Now that you know your current marketing needs, and have established your target audience, create goals that you want to achieve. Specify targets as much as possible. Instead of saying I want more sales you can say I want 20% more sales of my best product within 2 months. Let your goals have a timeline. Vague goals encourage procrastination.

4. Determine your Marketing Communication Strategy

How will you market your products and services? The audience you want to address will help you know which method of communication to use. Does your audience love watching videos or reading text? Do they watch long or short videos? Ask questions surrounding your audience’s preferred way of getting information. Communicate to them using their preferred media.

5. Determine Your Marketing Budget

You have to choose how much money you are willing to risk. Set a fixed budget for a specific period. If you fail to achieve your goals after attaining your set budget, change your strategy. A good budget must be realistic. You cannot spend pennies and expect to earn millions in sales. Find out the average income you expect from every marketing campaign you run.

Develop Your Brand

The greatest achievement for your business is to create a successful brand. A Brand speaks on behalf of your business. Developing one is a long tedious work. Here is what you must work on if you intend to market yourself using a brand.

Use a Brandable Name for your Business

A brand becomes popular easily if its name is easy to remember. An easy name with at most three syllables is good. Make sure your customers can remember your company’s name after interacting with you once. Marketing a brandable name is easy. It is easy for your customer to recommend you to her friend because she remembers the name of your business.

Bring More Traffic to Your Website

Your website must receive more visitors to make your business popular. Search engine optimization is a cheap way to get organic traffic to your website. Organic traffic is free and converts much easily than paid traffic. Here are a few tips to help you build your website’s organic traffic.

  • Write Persuasive Content: Make sure you give visitors relevant information. Poor content that gives no new information will discourage your visitors. Persuade your visitors to take your desired action. Do not force them
  • Optimize Page Loading Speed: A page that loads faster encourages visitors to stay. Keep your web pages light and fast.
  • Create Navigation Paths: Let your content have a clear relationship to help your visitor move within your site easily. Link your pages.
  • Create Backlinks: Generate backlinks to your website. Let other websites point to your website.

Another way of getting visitors is by paid advertisement. Create advertisement on social media and pay for every person that clicks on your advertisement.

You must also utilize social media marketing to get more visitors to your website. Social media is particularly beneficial in helping you build a brand. Work hard to get your name trending on social media. Use hashtags. Write interesting posts. Use appealing images and videos. Keep social media content short and sweet.

Email marketing is another simple strategy to use in building the brand of your business. Collecting emails from customers is a bit hard. When you finally get a list of emails, send relevant information to your customers. Emails lists bring loyal customers.

Create an Affiliate System

Online marketing is often flooded with affiliate links. If you want a cost-effective way to market your business, consider developing an affiliate system. An affiliate system allows bloggers to get referral links from you and put them on their websites. Their blog readers become your customers. The biggest advantage is you will only pay for customers that buy your service or product.

Optimize Conversion Rates

After doing all the marketing, your conversion rate is what counts. Make sure you create proper tunnels, which your visitors follow until they make a purchase. Your landing page must be attractive to reduce bounce rate. Analyze your conversions and optimize your website accordingly.

Scale Your Business

When you achieve your goals, set higher goals and keep expanding your business. Proper use of online marketing strategies will bring you great profits and build your brand. These online marketing strategies for beginners are simple to implement.